Under the skin of the universe – Mortal Skin 777 Stéphane Humbert Lucas review




The lights go out.

You’re standing naked. In absolute darkness. Feeling the infinite space of the universe with every inch of your bare skin.

Burning stars, rough nebulae, the infinite cold of the eternal night.

Space smelling with crystal.

Eons of loneliness. Supernovas wishing peace and black holes craving for warmth.

Mortal Skin is the smell of a collapsing star. Devouring the whole planetary system, withdrawing black tentacles towards the neighboring stars… The smoky smell of burning; the aroma of calcined iron; disturbing odor of decay. Tension grows.

Do not close your eyes. Do not close, because here – in the exact moment in which you want to turn the inner eye – the strange opus of Stephane Humbert Lucas does volte changing everything. Now you hold in your hand a white parchment card on which there are blazing stars, rough nebulae, the infinite cold of the eternal night and the space smelling with crystal calligraphed with black ink.

Smoky resins, leathery labdanum, dusty notes of spice and a section of semi-technical synthetics. And a chord stranger of the strangest: blackberries dipped in civet.

In the background you hear a rustling forest. Coniferous, smelling with cones and moisture. And when you look around searching for shade and tranquility you will see, that Stephane Humbert Lucas has cheated you once again.

The forest is an illusion. A painting on smooth glass. The smell and noises are another story calligraphed with black ink that leaves on you skin black streaks that look like rough nebulae. And the ing spots on the white pages look like black holes… or black blackberries.

Again, you’re standing naked. In absolute darkness. Only this time the darkness is tamed.

Date of premiere 2015
Nose: Stephanie Humbert Lucas
Sillage: moderate and this is not a joy

Longevity: good, although the sillage… well, you know.

Top notes: blackberry, ink, incense and labdanum
Heart notes: opoponax, iris, davana, myrrh and cardamom
Base notes: ambergris, styrax, sandalwood, labdanum, civet, cedar, birch and musk


  • The Black Hole and the Milky Way come from the resources of Wikipedia.
  • The author of the artwork titled „Ink Droplet 3” is Eric, publishing on Deviantarcie as ericjzecc. Link to the gallery: CLICK



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